SpookyBeat is a 9 piece Reggae/Ska/2Tone/Rocksteady band based in Greece, that came together during 2018. Since then, they enjoy jamming Jamaican tunes, recording their songs and preparing a dynamite playlist for their audience!

Their sound is a mix of Early Reggae, 2Tone and Traditional SKA vibes, combined with Soulfoul, Funky and Bluesy elements! At the moment SpookyBeat are in the studio preparing and recording their own songs as well as some of their favourite covers!!!

At the end of October 2019, the band released (as their very first single), a SKA version of the tune "It's The Same Old Song" of the legendary Four Tops and a month later they published their own version of the fabulous tune "I Won't Let You Go" by Keith & Ken!!! The only sure thing is that there will be a promising continuation...!!!

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