Made from hickory wood, a very hard, stiff, dense and shock resistance wood, ideal for drumsticks. The extra length of 425mm, allows you to keep a proper posture even when reaching the farthest cymbals. The 16.1mm grip, with the oval wooden tip and the heavier shoulder reduce the required effort to perform a ‘’killer’’ rimshot. Also, MariosK’s custom signature drumsticks are the ideal pair for practice.

MariosK custom signature drumsticks SIGNED

    • American hickory wood

    • Wooden tips

    • Oval tips for greater surface contact

    • Heavier shoulders

    • Extra length

    • Length: 425mm

    • Diameter: 16.1mm

  • If you would like more than one pair to be sign then put your quantiny and go to next step. Then click on ''Note to Seller'' and write the other names would like me to sign for. Keep in mind that shouldn't be more than 15 characters long.

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