Road to FLCM (part 1/4)

Updated: Sep 6

Hello guys!

Today is an exciting day as I received my Diploma of the London College of Music. The road to FLCM has just started. We've got 1 out of 4 down!

The magic feeling isn't the time you're receiving the certification, -actually this is the first moment-, but the moment that you realise your time you spent and the sacrifices you did along with you family. I cannot thanks enough my teacher Kostas Vamvas who is giving me all the time the best teaching experience. My sweetheart Eva who has stands near to me and push me for the best all this years. And of course my family who support me in this difficult road of the study!!

So, personally I have already start the preparation for the next year and I am looking forward to the next certification (ALCM) in 2019... hopefully!

At the same time I am recording the videos of the songs I played at the exam day which I think will be helpful for those who research for their songs, as I did it..!

I hope you will enjoy them. All videos going to be under the''Media'' section and you can check back soon or just subscribe to my newsletter via this website and get all the news straight to your mail..!

Thanks for the support

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