New Video Category !

Hello everyone!

I am very happy to announce my new video category under the ''Media'' section in my website. The new category is called ''Solos''.

The purpose to make those videos came out when I saw 3 comments (at the time) in other drummers' videos. The comments said: ''Thank you that you inspiring me to practice again'' and ''This is going to help me a lot, thanks for sharing''.

So, I made the decision to record those rudimental solos from Charley Wilcoxon book ''The All American Drummer-150 Rudimental Solos'', with the hope to inspire you to do the same, actually I would love if you do so.!!

The solos comes with three different tempo markings from slowest to fastest. Get the book here and start practice it along with my videos!!

Someone waiting to get inspired, so, share those videos to help find them!

Thank you


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