Hey guys, my name is MariosK. I was born on May 3, 1988 in Patras, Greece.

I love playing drums and I am extremely excited with rock, heavy and progressive metal music.


2008 - 2016

During the period 2008-2016 Marios is sitting exams for the drum kit performance and Theory of Music Grades at London college of Music. In late 2016 Marios was invited by Piano player of Fallen Arise Gus to join his band. Marios and Fallen Arise has participated in live shows in Bulgaria, Romania and Europe.

In 2012 he was invited by Zacharioglou Evangelia to Egland to continue the exams and join the Music University.


Since early 2014 Marios has been making drum covers. In 2015 Marios made the decision to have intensive course with his LCM teacher Konstantinos Vamvas in Greece.

2006 - 2011

In 2006 Marios was invited by guitarist of Quick Silver Marios Kanelopoulos to join the band as a drummer. They played original and cover alternative rock music.


In 2007  he was invited by the same person to join the band called 'Cold Product'.

Until 2011 Marios and Cold Product 'Pete, john and Dennis' participated in lots of live shows playing mainly original songs. They have got 2 singles

(Cold ProductDrughole)

2000 - 2006

1998 - 2011

1993 - 1999

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